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Many people have enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Smokey Bones. Get the latest coupons and special promotions. In fact, did you know that Smokey Bones specializes in 3 things? They are: good food, good drinks and good times. They are grill masters who respect the power of the open flame. They offer simple, yet flavorful recipes and believe marinating is not to be taken lightly. They understand that medium-rare is not the only way to cook a steak, but believe it should be. Smokey Bones believes pork should be slow smoked and pulled often. The process takes 11 hours over hickory logs every night. The bartenders help to make the environment a great place, where the beer is ice cold and the food is great. Smokey Bones is a big fan of sports, loud music and good times.


Smokey Bones Rewards Program: Orlando, FL (August 17, 2009) – It’s no secret that in tough times consumers become more demanding about what they get for their money. Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill has taken note, and created a loyalty program to reward its current and potential guests who enjoy dining and drinking there. The rules are easy. Anyone can join the free Bones Club Loyalty program and will earn one reward point for every dollar spent. For every 200 points guests earn, they will be rewarded a $20 credit to spend on a future visit. Points are awarded automatically when the guest presents their Bones Club card. “Smokey Bones truly cares about its guests,” said President & CEO Ian Baines. “And we decided it’s time we rewarded them with even more than great food, drinks and service.” Find a location near you.

After a guest goes into a Smokey Bones restaurant to pick up their loyalty card, they simply need to activate it online. They can also check their point balance at anytime on the restaurant’s website. Separating it from most loyalty programs, Smokey Bones is offering one free appetizer and 100 points to all guests who activate their card to get them started. There will also be double and triple points offered on certain purchases, which allow guests to earn rewards even faster. “Just like Smokey Bones, the Bones Club loyalty program is unique from all others,” said Vice President of Marketing Pete Bell. “We want guests to earn points quickly, and enjoy the rewards.”

A look at the Menu

BBQ Platters
Hand-pulled Pork: Choice pork shoulder simply seasoned, slow smoked in-house for 11 hours, then hand-pulled and piled high.
Smoked Beef Brisket: Point cut beef brisket marinates up to 24 hours before being slowly smoked for six hours. Sliced thin with a signature BBQ sauce.
Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast: Premium turkey breast, tossed in a savory blend of spices, then slow smoked for three hours. Sliced thin and piled high.

Rib Combos
Baby Back Ribs: Award-winning baby back ribs are hand-rubbed and marinated, before being hickory smoked for four hours. Fire-grilled to order, these babies are fall-off-the-bone good. Try them in any of the Fire-grill Flavors.

Smoked St. Louis Ribs: These perfectly trimmed St. Louis style ribs are marinated for four hours before being slow smoked for an additional four hours. Brushed with an original BBQ sauce or try them in any of the Fire-grill Flavors.

Double Trouble: 1/3 rack of both the Baby Back and St. Louis style ribs.

Party Pack
Pulled Pork Party Pack: Hand-pulled pork and fresh buns, with choice of two sides and BBQ sauce.
Family Feeder: A whole BBQ chicken with two sides, bread and BBQ sauce.
Family Feast: Pulled pork and a whole BBQ chicken with two sides, bread and BBQ sauce.
Office Space Jam: 8 lbs of hand-pulled pork, three racks slow smoked St. Louis ribs, and four whole BBQ chickens, along with 3 quarts each of your choice of two sides, bread and BBQ sauce.

Block Party:
Feast for 100: 18 lbs hand-pulled pork, 12 racks slow smoked St. Louis ribs and 12 whole BBQ chickens, along with 8 quarts each of your choice of two sides, bread and BBQ sauce.

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